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Contact information

Institute of Chemical Sciences
Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, School of Sciences
Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw (UKSW)
Wóycickiego 1/3, 01-938 Warsaw, Poland
Tel.: +(48 22) 380 96 30
E-mail: k.nawara [at]


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Peer Reviewer

Current Employment

2004 – now Institute of Chemistry, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University,
Position: Assistant Professor

Previous Experience

2014 – 2015 Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland
Position: postdoc
Jacek Waluk group
2011 – 2012 Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, US
Position: postdoc
Gary Blanchard group


2013 Ph.D degree in chemistry, University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
“Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles as potential carriers for doxorubicin targeted drug delivery; Spectroscopic investigation of doxorubicin, nanoparticles and doxorubicin-nanoparticle interactions”
prof. P. Krysiński, University of Warsaw, Warszawa
prof. G. Blanchard, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA
2008 MSc degree in chemistry, Silesian Technical University, Gliwice, Poland
"Virtual Screening for indentification of potential inhibitors against human DNA: cytosine-C5 methyltransferase DNMT1"
prof. W. Szeja, Silesian Technical University, Gliwice
prof. J.M. Bujnicki, International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Warsaw

Awards and Grants

  • Research grant, Principal Investigator, "Hemiporphycene as a selective fluorescent probe for determination of metal cations", Polish National Science Center 23000 PLN, 2017-2018.
  • The Best Lecturer Award – 2018 – the award given by the Student’s Council.
  • Rector’s award for Excellence – 2017


  1. Goodbye to Quinine in Sulfuric Acid Solutions as a Fluorescence Quantum Yield Standard, K Nawara*, J Waluk, Anal. Chem., 2019, 91 (8), 5389-5394
  2. Photoinduced oxidation of an indole derivative: 2-(1′ H-indol-2′-yl)-[1, 5] naphthyridine, B Golec, K Nawara, RP Thummel, J Waluk, Photochem. Photobiol. Sci., 2019, 18, 2225-2231
  3. The effect of locking π-conjugation in organoboron moieties in the structures of luminescent tetracoordinate boron complexes, M Urban, K Durka, P Górka, G Wiosna-Sałyga, K Nawara, P Jankowski, S Luliński, Dalton Trans., 2019, 48, 8642-8663
  4. Antiaromatic or Nonaromatic? 21H,61H-2,6(2,5)-Dipyrrola-1,5(2,6)-dipyridinacyclooctaphane-3,7-diene: a Porphycene Derivative with 4N π Electrons, A Listkowski, P Jȩdrzejewski, M Kijak, K Nawara, P Kowalska, R Luboradzki, J Waluk, J. Phys. Chem. A, 2019, 123 (13), 2727-2733
  5. Versatile Approach for Reliable Determination of Both High and Low Values of Luminescence Quantum Yields, K Nawara*, A Rana, PK Panda, J Waluk, Anal. Chem., 2018, 90 (17), 10139-10143
  6. The effect of conformational isomerism on the optical properties of bis (8-oxyquinolato) diboron complexes with a 2, 2′-biphenyl backbone, M Urban, P Górka, K Nawara, K Woźniak, K Durka, S Luliński, Dalton Trans., 2018, 47 (44), 15670-15684
  7. Combined effect of hydrogen bonding interactions and freezing of rotameric equilibrium on the enhancement of photostability, B Golec, K Nawara, A Gorski, RP Thummel, J Herbich, J Waluk, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2018, 20 (19), 13306-13315
  8. Improved method of fluorescence quantum yield determination, K Nawara*, J Waluk, Anal. Chem., 2017, 89 (17), 8650-8655
  9. New class of easily-synthesisable and modifiable organic materials for applications in luminescent devices, KN Jarzembska, R Kamiński, K Durka, M Kubsik, K Nawara, E Witkowska, M Wiloch, S Luliński, J Waluk, I Głowacki, K Woźniak, Dyes and Pigments, 2017, 138, 267-277
  10. Parent, unsubstituted hemiporphycene: synthesis and properties, J Ostapko, K Nawara, M Kijak, J Buczyńska, B Leśniewska, M Pietrzak, G Orzanowska, J Waluk, Chem.: Eur. J., 2016, 22 (48), 17311-17320
  11. Solid-core and hollow magnetic nanostructures: Synthesis, surface modifications and biological applications, D Nieciecka, K Nawara, K Kijewska, AM Nowicka, M Mazur, P Krysiński, Bioelectrochemistry, 2013, 93, 2-14
  12. Structure-Dependent Complexation of Fe3+ by Anthracyclines. 2. The Roles of Methoxy and Daunosamine Functionalities, K Nawara, H Beeckman, PG Krysiński, GJ Blanchard, J. Phys. Chem. B, 2013, 117 (23), pp. 6868-6873,
  13. Structure-Dependent Complexation of Fe3+ by Anthracyclines. 1. The Importance of Pendent Hydroxyl Functionality, K Nawara, J McCracken, PG Krysiński, GJ Blanchard, J. Phys. Chem. B, 2013, 117 (23), pp. 6859-6867
  14. Photoinduced Reactivity of Doxorubicin: Catalysis and Degradation, K Nawara, PG Krysiński, GJ Blanchard, J. Phys. Chem. A, 2012, 116 (17), pp. 4330-4337
  15. Doxorubicin is a photocatalyst for the generation of H2O2, K Nawara, PG Krysiński, GJ Blanchard, RSC Adv., 2012, 2, pp. 4059-4061
  16. Adsorption of Doxorubicin onto Citrate-Stabilized Magnetic Nanoparticles, K Nawara, J Romiszewski, K Kijewska, J Szczytko, A Twardowski, M Mazur, PG Krysiński, J. Phys. Chem. C, 2012, 116 (9), pp. 5598–5609
  17. Theoretical Study on the Redox Cycle of Bovine Glutathione Peroxidase GPx1: pKa Calculations, Docking, and Molecular Dynamics Simulations, S Tahir Ali, S Jahangir, S Karamat, WMF Fabian, K Nawara, J Kona, J. Chem. Theory Comput., 2010, 6 (5), pp 1670–168

Teaching activity

Graduate and undergraduate students:

Number of undergraduate students promoted: 2
Number of graduate students promoted: 2


  • ACS Fall National Meeting, San Diego, CA, USA, 25.08-29.08.2019, SAFE method for luminescence quantum yield determination – oral presentation
  • 16th Conference on Methods and Applications in Fluorescence, La Jolla, CA, USA 20.08-24.08.2019, SAFE method for fluorescence quantum yield determination - poster
  • Polish PhotoScience Seminars, Zagnańsk, Poland, 16.06-19.06.2019, SAFE approach for luminescence quantum yield determination.
  • 15th Conference on Methods and Applications in Fluorescence, Bruges, Belgium, 10.09-13.09.2017, Novel method for luminescence quantum yield determination - poster
  • 2nd Cambridge-Warsaw Young Scientist Meeting Breaking Boundaries in Chemistry, Cambridge, UK, 14.09-15.09.2014, Structure-dependent complexation of Fe3+ by anthracyclines -poster
  • 7th World Congress on Oxidation Catalysis, St. Louis, MO, USA, 09.06-12.06.2013, Anthracyclin mediated photocatalytic formation of hydrogen peroxide – oral presentation
  • 1st Warsaw-Cambridge Young Scientist Meeting Breaking Boundaries in Chemistry, Warsaw, Poland, 08.03-09.03.2013, A novel method for probing adsorption of doxorubicin onto citrate-stabilized magnetic nanoparticles – poster, Photoreactivity of doxorubicin- catalytic formation of H2O2 – poster
  • 43rd IUPAC World Chemistry Congress, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 31.07-05.08.2011, High-precision method for determination of doxorubicin interactions with citric acid-stablized Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles – oral presentation
  • Innovation in Drug Delivery, Aix-en-Provence, France, 03.10-06.10.2010, Comparison of doxorubicin and doxorubicin-magnetic nanoparticle conjugates interactions with dsDNA – poster
  • Eurocarb 15, Vienna, Austria, 19.07-24.07.2009, Coverage Dependent Behaviour of Glucose-terminated Gold Glyconanoparticles: Molecular Dynamics Study – poster


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